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Delhi Belly Modern Indian Bistro is brought to you by chef Sagar Ghosh and chef partner, Sourav Biswas. We serve the best of regional Indian formal and street food classics in an inviting, rustic setting with a performance kitchen at its heart.  


The extensive menu draws from their experiences in many regions of India, along with international travels.  Inspiration begins with the distinctive, prized flavors and ingredients serving world famous Tikka Masala and so much more . The chefs also pay homage in the playful restaurant name and several dishes, to their on-the-job training in Delhi, world renowned for sumptuous, historic dishes and sophisticated hospitality.


The extensive menu is organized into the categories of a traditional Indian meal.  Symbols for vegan, contemporary and signature dishes.  The chefs and staff are happy to answer all questions about the menu to create the perfect meal for every guest.


Delhi Belly Modern Cuisine is open daily and continuously from lunch through dinner.  The restaurant is available for catered private parties on-site and off-site.


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